The previous I International Conference was organized by Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics named by N. Poljakov of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine AND took place on June 25-27, 2019.

Conference proceedings were published by E3S Web of Conferences

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Names of the scientific editors

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof., Dr. Anatolii Bulat
Cor. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof., Dr. Oleksii Voloshyn
Prof., Dr. Baochang Liu
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof., Dr. Yevstakhii Kryzhanivskyi
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof., Dr. Valeriy Heyet

The full list of citations

Anatolii Bulat
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00001

Establishing the interrelation of the main influencing factors on the safety of methane-air mixture transportation
Ruslan Ahaiev, Kateryna Dudlia and Dmytro Prytula
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00002

Substantiating a technique to process hard rock involving extraction of valuable components and use of wastes to form mesorelief
Kateryna Babii, Oleksandr Ikol and Yevhenii Malieiev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00003

Petrographic assessment of coal gas content
Volodymyr Baranovskyi and Liubov Kuznetsova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00004

Rigidity of elastic shell of rubber-cable belt during displacement of cables relatively to drum
Ivan Belmas, Peter Kogut, Dmytro Kolosov, Volodymyr Samusia and Serhii Onyshchenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00005

Gas generation by coal matter in contemporary conditions
Kostiantyn Bezruchko, Oleksandr Burchak and Oleksandr Balalaiev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00006

Analysis of tectonic deformations dynamics on the example of the area of the south-west wing of Kalmius-Toretsk kettle hole
Kostiantyn Bezruchko, Natalia Diachenko and Anna Diachenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00007

An optimal two-stage distribution of material flow at the fuel and energy complex enterprises
Borys Blyuss, Larysa Koriashkina, Svitlana Us, Serhii Minieiev and Serhii Dziuba
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00008

Prediction of changes in the state of the geological environment in the mining region
Olena Bubnova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00009

Reduction of technogenic load from sludge collectors due to separation and dehydration of the stored material
Olena Bubnova and Oleksandr Shevchenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00010

Legal aspects of protection of intellectual property objects in mining engineering
Ievgeniia Bulat
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00011

Increase of energy efficiency of mine fans work on a mine vent network
Tetiana Bunko, Maksym Shyshov, Oleksandr Bokii, Anatolii Belikov, Oleksandr Zhalilov and Ivan Kokoulin
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00012

Estimation and use materials of the airily-depressed surveys on the coal mines of Ukraine
Tetiana Bunko, Maksym Shyshov, Vadym Myroshnychenko, Ivan Kokoulin and Mykhailo Dudnyk
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00013

The solid ingredient properties influence on the energy characteristic of the coal-water slurry fuel flow
Nataliia Chernetska–Biletska, Hanna Shvornikova, Kostiantyn Podoliak, Serhii Kyrychko and Mariia Miroshnykova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00014

Determination of dependencies of dehydration of thermal power plants’ ash and slag waste from equipment parameters
Valentyna Cholyshkina and Serhii Kostyria
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00015

Heat exchange processes and productivity of carbon environment transformations of the water-plasma energy stream
Serhii Demchenko, Yevhen Pihida and Serhii Davydov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00016

Pop-up structures of Petrodonetska anticline and adjacent territories
Natalia Diachenko and Andrii Diachenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00017

Substantiation of the effectiveness of the hydro-steam turbines application in mine power complexes for excess heat recovery
Inna Diakun, Mykhailo Kirsanov and Vitalii Ruban
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00018

The electromagnetic radiation of extremely compressed coals
Roman Diakun
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00019

Comprehensive analysis of the retaining pile structure with the determining the stability factor by numerical methods
Olha Dubinchyk, Volodymyr Petrenko, Dmytro Ihnatenko and Vitalii Kildieiev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00020

Ground parameters of working standard of reproduction of small speeds of air stream
Mykhailo Dudnyk, Viktor Veretennyk, Serhii Enhel, Vadym Krytskyi and Vadym Myroshnychenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00021

Vibroseismic protection of heavy mining machines, buildings and structures
Vitalii Dyrda, Anatolii Kobets, Ievgeniia Bulat, Vladimir Lapin, Natalia Lysytsia, Hennadii Ahaltsov and Serhii Sokol
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00022

Dynamics of vibratory partitioned feeders for the uranium ore drawing and feeding
Vitalii Dyrda, Anatolii Kobets, Viktor Pukhalskyi, Yurii Kozub and Oleksandr Chernii
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00023

The issue of loading the material in a vibro-impact grinder
Olena Fedoskina, Valerii Fedoskin and Anastasiia Loginova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00024

Pigments based on blast furnace slag from waste water
Liliya Frolova, Tetyana Butyrina and Yurii Galivets
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00025

The feasibility evaluation of using cyclic thermal effect in the rock-cutting tools during drilling hard rock
Valentyn Hankevich, Tetiana Moskalova, Liudmyla Kabakova and Oksana Livak
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00026

Estimate of intrinsic safety of capacitive circuits
Oleksandr Hladkov, Anatolii Mnukhin and Rishard Stasevich
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00027

Studying and improving intermediate rail fastening of rail transport
Volodymyr Hovorukha
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00028

Movement stability of vehicles with a rigid and free wheels mounting on wheelset axles
Volodymyr Hovorukha
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00029

Conceptual bases of intensification of mining operations in mines of Ukraine based on monitoring and condition management of mine hoisting systems
Serhii Ilin, Larysa Adorska, Volodymyr Samusia, Dmytro Kolosov and Inna Ilina
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00030

An effective way to rock mass preparation on metallic and nonmetallic quarries Ukraine
Kostiantyn Ishchenko, Volodymyr Konoval and Liudmyla Lohvyna
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00031

New methodical approaches to justify selection explosive for destruction of solid rocks
Kostiantyn Ishchenko, Svitlana Us, Oleksii Ishchenko and Dmytro Koba
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00032

Distribution of seisms foci during the mining of 19th eastern longwall and Eastern inclined longwall #3
Andrii Karhapolov, Svitlana Prykhodchenko and Vera Chelkan
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00033

Determination of the kinetic constants of the process of plasma gasification of coal-water fuel
Leonid Kholiavchenko, Yevhen Pihida, Serhii Demchenko and Serhii Davydov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00034

Determination of the maximum allowable distance between the roller conveyors of a tubular belt conveyor
Ruslan Kiriia and Tamara Mishchenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00035

Reducing the energy consumption of the conveyor transport system of mining enterprises
Ruslan Kiriia and Leonid Shyrin
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00036

Geotechnological methods of gas extraction from technogenic coal deposits
Eduard Kliuiev, Iryna Sapunova and Valerii Ivanov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00037

Gold sorption from cyanide media by ANS-3 anionite
Vadym Korovin, Yurii Pohorielov, Yurii Shestak, Oleksandr Zontov and Larysa Zontova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00038

Uranium (VI) sorption from sulphuric solutions by AM-p-2 anionite
Vadym Korovin, Oleksandr Valiaiev, Oleksandr Zontov, Larysa Zontova, Volodymyr Pilchyk and Borys Pysmennyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00039

Experimental and analytical studies to substantiate the blasting operations rational parameters in the hard media destruction
Ihor Kratkovskyi and Oleksii Ishchenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00040

Water stability influence of host rocks on the process of water filtration into mine working with frame and roof-bolting support
Viktoriia Krukovska and Yurii Vynohradov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00041

Modification of the roof bolt support technology in the conditions of increasing coal mining intensity
Oleksandr Krukovskyi, Yurii Bulich and Yuliia Zemlianaia
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00042

Numerical simulation of the stress state of the layered gas-bearing rocks in the bottom of mine working
Oleksandr Krukovskyi and Viktoriia Krukovska
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00043

Numerical analysis of changing the force factors in temporary lining at the tunnel construction by the NATM
Volodymyr Kuprii, Volodymyr Petrenko, Sofiia Kuprik and Yevhenii Kripak
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00044

Theoretical substantiation of the explosive crushing of particles of tungsten-cobalt alloys
Volodymyr Kurinnyi, Ihor Harkusha and Serhii Musiienko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00045

About trends of improvement of technological schemes for methane recovery from the rock-coal massif
Serhii Kurnosov and Volodymyr Zerkal
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00046

Laws of gas draining in the massif disturbed by mining operations
Serhii Kurnosov and Volodymyr Zerkal
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00047

Improving the criteria for choosing the strategies in management by geotechnical systems
Yevhen Lapshyn, Robert Molchanov, Borys Blyuss and Nataliia Osadcha
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00048

Method for determining the rational parameters of dynamic dampers of low-frequency vibrations
Yevhen Lapshyn, Robert Molchanov and Oleksandr Khaminich
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00049

Mathematical modeling of belt and rigid conveyer’s drum contact with non-affect Coulomb friction
Hryhorii Larionov, Mykola Larionov and Artem Pazynich
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00050

Forecast of the position of promising sand reservoirs in the cross-section of the carboniferous gas-bearing stratum
Viacheslav Lukinov and Mykola Zhykaliak
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00051

On the oscillations of spatial vibration-isolating system of mining machines under the action of impact loads
Mykola Lysytsia
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00052

On the effect of the direction of external load application upon the change in stiffening behavior of rubber vibration isolators
Mykola Lysytsia, Hennadii Ahaltsov, Natalia Lysytsia and Alina Novikova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00053

The study of the process of physic-chemical destruction of coal by the method of physical modeling
Serhii Makeiev, Serhii Andreiev and Hennadii Ryzhov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00054

Method of calculating the parameters of the mountain pressure epure
Mykola Malich, Volodymyr Katan, Dmytro Vasyliev and Ihor Chuhunkov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00055

Substantiation of the parameters of the tailings storage core during the storing of the cleaning rejects by hydraulic method
Olha Medvedieva, Serhii Kyrychko, Nina Nykyforova and Nataliia Koval
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00056

Optimizing service life of conveyor belts while transporting bulk load
Vitalii Monastyrskyi, Serhii Monastyrskyi and Borys Mostovyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00057

Effect of water medium upon the process of ore disintegration in wet self-grinding mills
Vitalii Monastyrskyi, Serhii Monastyrskyi and Borys Mostovyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00058

Analytical presentation of the separation of dense suspension for the extraction of amber
Volodymyr Nadutyi, Valerii Korniienko, Zinovii Malanchuk and Olha Cholyshkina
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00059

Mathematical modeling of the main technological parameters of the two-rotor shock-centrifugal disintegrator on the basis of correlation analysis
Volodymyr Nadutyi, Anastasiia Loginova and Vitalii Sukhariev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00060

Defining the effect of the chemical concentration and solution pH on membrane chemical cleaning process
Mykola Nechytailo, Olena Nahorna and Yevhenii Kosiuk
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00061

Control of degassing systems
Leonid Novikov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00062

Calculation of degassing networks taking into account the accumulation of the liquid phase
Leonid Novikov and Oleksandr Bokii
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00063

Influence rocks mass and explosives properties on dissipative energy losses during blasting
Valentyna Nykyforova, Ernest Yefremov, Ihor Kratkovskyi and Volodymyr Kurinnyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00064

Energy efficiency of cogeneration utilization of residual heat of flue gases during the drying of coal concentrate in pipe-dryers
Yurii Oksen, Maksym Radiuk, Yurii Komissarov and Mykhailo Kirsanov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00065

Gas engines secondary heat recovery to electrical energy
Yurii Oksen, Olena Trofymova, Oleksandr Bobryshov, Anatolii Lukisha and Volodymyr Pryvalov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00066

Theoretical aspects of monitoring synergistic processes in the rock massif
Tetiana Palamarchuk
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00067

Features and regularity of zonal changes in the physicomechanical characteristics of Zakhidnyi Donbas rocks
Tetiana Palamarchuk, Liliia Prokhorets, Mykola Bobro and Valerii Trypolskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00068

Laboratory research of vibration impact parameters on the coal seam through host rocks
Oleksandr Petukh, Kostiantyn Sofiiskyi and Dmytro Zhytlonok
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00069

Extractions of size granding classes in undersize
Oleksandr Poluliakh, Danylo Poluliakh, Serhii Kostyria and Liudmyla Kabakova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00070

Thermodynamic analysis of the gas parameters distribution under leakage from a closed volume with rigid walls
Serhii Ponomarenko, Oleksandr Zhevzhyk, Alex Vuginshteyn and Oleksandr Lutai
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00071

On the informativeness of the shock pulse method for controlling the geocomposite constructions strength
Liliia Prokhorets
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00072

Simulation of the desorption process of methane adsorbed in a coal rock, taking into account intermolecular sorption interactions in the system “methane-coal”
Alla Prusova, Oleksandr Minieiev and Svitlana Ryzhova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00073

Acoustic method of jet grinding study and control
Nataliya Pryadko, Kateryna Ternova, Hennadii Strelnykov, Lev Muzyka and Inna Verkhorobina
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00074

Determining integral permeability of undermined coal rock mass in closed mines
Oleksii Prykhodchenko, Svitlana Prykhodchenko and Larysa Tokar
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00075

Relationship between the indices of physical and mechanical properties of coal and rock, gas saturation and tectonic dislocation of Donbas
Dmytro Pymonenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00076

Change of parameters in molecular structure of Donbas coals under the influence of external factors
Liudmyla Pymonenko, Oleksandr Burchak, Oleksandr Balalaiev, Valentyna Slobodiannykova and Yurii Sierikov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00077

Geological factors of gassing of the east inclined longwall # 3 of m3 bed at O.F. Zasiadko mine
Liudmyla Pymonenko, Andrii Karhapolov, Liubov Kuznetsova, Oleksii Prykhodchenko and Dmytro Hunia
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00078

Approbation of the theory of fractals and damageability of rocks when solving geomechanical problems
Oleh Riabtsev and Serhii Protsak
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00079

Using the method of integral Fourier transform to solve the problem of nonstationary deformation of an elastic medium
Volodymyr Sapehin
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00080

Successive approximation method applying to obtain the transient elastic medium deformations
Volodymyr Sapehin
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00081

Determination of the critical rate of hydrotransport based on measurements in supercritical flow conditions
Yevhen Semenenko, Serhii Dziuba, Larysa Tatarko and Zinaida Yakubovska
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00082

Calculation of pressure loss and critical velocity for slurry flows with additive agents in vertical polyethylene pipelines
Yevhen Semenenko, Stepan Kril, Olha Medvedieva, Nina Nykyforova and Larysa Tatarko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00083

Defectoscope for monitoring of a concrete timbering of underground constructions
Viktor Serhiienko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00084

Vibrational feeders with vibro-impact adaptive drive
Heorhii Shevchenko, Volodymyr Shevchenko and Viktor Pukhalskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00085

Justification of the basic algorithms of the mine safety information system
Volodymyr Shevchenko and Anton Slashchov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00086

Oscillation modes of vibrating feeders with vibro-impact adaptive drive at the output of reflacted ore from chambers of wining blocks
Heorhii Shevchenko, Oleksandr Sushchenko and Halyna Zozulia
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00087

Experimental studies concerning stressed rocks resistance to disintegration
Leonid Shmatovskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00088

Conceptual basis of mining intensification by the geomechanical factor
Serhii Skipochka
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00089

Organization of geomechanical monitoring for non-metallic deposits chambers roofs
Serhii Skipochka, Viktor Serhiienko, Volodymyr Amelin and Oleh Sytnichenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00090

Substantiation of fuzzy logic algorithms for control problems of a geotechnical systems
Anton Slashchov and Oleksii Yalanskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00091

Water effect on the rocks and mine roadways stability
Olena Slashchova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00092

Specific solution of problem of water filtering in the rocks by the finite element method
Olena Slashchova, Ihor Slashchov and Iryna Sapunova
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00093

Estimation of fracture systems parameters in rock massif by the finite element method
Ihor Slashchov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00094

Belt conveyers rollers average term of service
Andrii Smirnov and Vsevolod Beihul
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00095

Determination of the loads on the rollers of the tubular belt conveyor
Andrii Smirnov and Tamara Mishchenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00096

The results of experimental research of the parameters of methane capturing by local degassing wells in the undermining area
Kostiantyn Sofiiskyi and Oleksandr Petukh
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00097

A thermomechanical technology of borehole wall isolation using a thermoplastic composite material
Andrii Sudakov, Andrii Dreus, Yurii Kuzin, Diana Sudakova, Boranbay Ratov and Oleh Khomenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00098

Nonuniform stress state of a hoisting shaft lining as a result of disturbance of the ground freezing technology
Oleksii Tiutkin, Vitalii Miroshnyk, Anatolii Radkevych and Ahmad Alkhdour
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00099

Regularities of stress state of unsupported working occurring in a layered massif
Oleksii Tiutkin, Nataliia Petrosian, Anatolii Radkevych and Ahmad Alkhdour
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00100

Determination of porous structure parameters of coal particles to describe thermal conversion processes
Oleksandr Topal, Iryna Holenko and Inna Diakun
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00101

Method and equipment for the safe development of preparatory workings in the gas-bearing coal seams
Mykola Trokhymets, Vira Maltseva, Yehor Vialushkin, Volodymyr Antonchik, Tetiana Moskalova and Maryna Polushyna
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00102

Investigation of the fluids influence on change of sandstones collectors mechanical properties during saturation and degassing
Serhii Tynyna and Vasyl Babenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00103

Modeling of influence of stresses on indicators of resistance of mining rocks to mechanical destruction
Serhii Tynyna, Ihor Chobotko, Liliya Frolova and Tetyana Butyrina
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00104

Modelling of mined rock thin layer disintegration taking into consideration its properties changing during compaction
Oleksandr Tytov, Jamil Haddad and Vitalii Sukhariev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00105

Estimation of the amplitude of dynamic stresses on the contour of the well in the mountain range by the parameters of bench tests of hydraulic oscillators
Oleh Usov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00106

Investigation of the deformation characteristics of water-saturated coal samples with a hole for estimating the discharge of the reservoir during hydrolysis
Oleh Usov, Yurii Poliakov and Liudmyla Andriievska
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00107

Bonding energy and methane amount at the open surface of metamorphic coal
Vsevolod Vasilkovskyi, Serhii Minieiev and Nadiia Kaluhina
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00108

Hypothesis of orogenesis
Leonid Vasyliev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00109

Parameters of interaction of a hydro impulse device with a coalseam during its loosening
Dmytro Vasyliev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00110

Mathematical model of the cracking process in the coal-rock massif under hydrodynamic impact
Vasyl Vlasenko, Kateryna Dudlia and Maryna Kyrychenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00111

Hydrodynamic impact on coal mass before crossing the most outburst-prone coal seams
Vasyl Vlasenko and Dmytro Zhytlonok
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00112

Experimental study for the process of the borehole thermal reaming by means of the angular plasmatron
Oleksii Voloshyn, Iryna Potapchuk, Volodymyr Yemelianenko, Mykola Zhovtonoha and Vitalii Pertsevyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00113

Some important aspects of rock mechanics and geomechanics
Oleksii Voloshyn and Oleh Riabtsev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00114

Features of ultrasonic control of mechanical properties of core rocks of geological exploration wells
Anatolii Yalanskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00115

Shock-wave diagnostics of voids and assessment of workload of lining of mine workings based on the construction of cartograms
Anatolii Yalanskyi and Oleksii Yalanskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00116

Empirical determination of water saturation of porous materials in the process of long duration imbibition
Volodymyr Yelisieiev, Vasyl Lutsenko, Tetiana Demchenko and Vitalii Ruban
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00117

Response of oscillatory system “liquid layer-rod” to driving disturbances
Volodymyr Yelisieiev, Vasyl Lutsenko, Serhii Shevchenko, Anatolii Shevchenko, Oleksandr Tolstopyat and Leonid Fleer
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00118

Experimental study of the thermochemical treatment of the low-grade coal prior to boiler combustion at coal-fired power station
Volodymyr Yemelianenko, Vitalii Pertsevyi, Oleksandr Zhevzhyk, Iryna Potapchuk and Oleksandr Lutai
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00119

Development of methods for optimizing the parameters of the body of a fixed jaw crusher
Kostiantyn Zabolotnyi and Olena Panchenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00120

Development of the theory of laying a hoisting rope on the drum of a mining hoisting machine
Kostiantyn Zabolotnyi, Olena Panchenko and Oleksandr Zhupiiev
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00121

Control of the mud pulse method the loosening of coal layers by amplitude-frequency recommendation of acoustic signal by the APSS-1 system
Vasyl Zberovskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00122

Evaluation of the cavitation generator efficiency in the hydro impulsive loosening of a coal-bed
Vasyl Zberovskyi, Yurii Zhulai and Serhii Mirnyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00123

Features of dynamics of the load-carrying body of the belt tubular conveyor
Tetiana Zhyhula
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00124

Torsion of an unevenly loaded tubular belt on a straight route of a belt tubular conveyor
Tetiana Zhyhula
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00125

Coal energy systems of the future – innovative way of Ukraine’s energy development
Mykola Zhykaliak and Viacheslav Lukinov
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00126

Theoretical and experimental studies of battery charging complexes
Oleh Zimin, Volodymyr Pryvalov, Viktoriia Usatenko and Tetiana Demchenko
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00127

Application of the method of observing the natural impulse electromagnetic field of the Earth to trace watered faults on the example of Yeristovo quarry
Kristina Zmiievska, Oleksandr Tubaltsev and Artur Zmiievskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00128

Study of the ravine-gully system of the city of Dnipro with the aim of returning them territories to the urban infrastructure
Kristina Zmiievska and Artur Zmiievskyi
E3S Web Conf., 109 (2019) 00129